There has been a steady increase in the rate of teens who smoke. (Merki, 2001). We do not see a lot of smokers giving each other rewards in social aspects such as conversations, companionships, and other common social contacts. (TDA, 2008). Teens also like to act as though they are special and dangerous. (TDA, 2008). Not to mention teens and adolescents in today's society are surrounded by more and more pressure to start smoking. Adolescents are constantly influenced by advertisements. whether it is in magazines, commercials, or T.V. programs, teens are constantly influenced in some ways by the media. Although adolescents are influenced by advertisements they are unaware of the risks involved when using tobacco products. Cigarette smoking during childhood and adolescence produces significant health problems among young people, including cough and phelm production, an increase in the number and severity of respiratory illnesses, decreased physical fitness, and unfavorable lipid profile and potential retardation in the rate of lung growth and the level of maximum lung function. (ALA, 2009).

Project Details​
With the steady increase of teen smokers in today's society. Students are to come up with a bill board drawing/saying or PSA (public service announcement). Students will be divided up into 6 groups of 5 students. Each group will be assigned a different tobacco topic. When students are given the topic they are suppose to gather information on the topic (minimum of 6 sources) and present the bill board/ PSA to the class.

Guidelines for PSA (public service annoucement)/billboard:

  • Everyone in the group must participate---failure to participate will result in a 0.
  • PSA/billboard must include factual information--minumum of 6 sources.
  • There has to be information you gathered about your topic, on your assigned groups page (12 pt. font and double spaced)--Work is individual, however everyone in the groups must participate.
  • Your reliable sources must be cited--plagerism will result in a 0 and a visit to the Dean.
  • Be creative--use props, colors, pictures and your imagination. This is both during the presentation and on your group's page.
  • Remember this is a PSA/billboard discouraging adolescents from smoking.

Grading Policy:

  • Project is worth 100 pts.
  • Page information is worth 50 pts.
  • Participation is 10 pts.
  • Group presentation is 30 pts.
  • Creativity and accuracy is 10 pts.
  • There is a group grade and individual grade.